Tuesday June 17, 2014
TAI Woffinden has revealed how he refused to panic when he dropped points on his way to a second successive British title on Monday night.

Woffinden lifted the trophy despite needing to go through the race-off to reach the final on his home Wolverhampton track - Craig Cook and Ben Barker were the automatic qualifiers.

But Woffinden, who races for Vetlanda in Sweden and Poland's Wroclaw as well as Parrys International Wolves, said: "I wasn't too concerned when I dropped points, to be honest.

"I don't want to sound arrogant, but I have to say it's always hard to win five straight heats and then win the final - it's almost like something always happens to spoil it.

"So I stayed calm when I dropped points, I just stayed focussed and just tried to concentrate on getting to the final. It worked out and I'm so pumped about it."

Woffinden went into the weekend targeting two wins - and he duly delivered with a brilliant success in the Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix followed by national glory in the British championship.

"It's an amazing feeling to be British Champion and I feel extremely proud," said Woffinden.

"I want to thank all my fans, my sponsors, my team, my partner and my mum - it's all down to them!

"It was a good meeting, I'm so pumped about this because retaining the British title was something I was desperate to do this season - now it's done and I have a few days off so I'm going to hit the Gym and catch up on some training I've missed because of my busy schedule."

And Woffinden has revealed how referee Dan Holt "had a word" after he made special preparation for the Grand Final at Wolverhampton.

"The race kept getting stopped and every time I was in front," he said.

"So initially I went out there and used a rake that the track staff use and it was good to prepare my starting position while the others got ready for the restart.

"Then I picked up a small shovel from the Greyhound track. They normally use it to move dog mess, but it worked for me to prepare my start.

"I know it's created a bit of debate, but it was only then when I was told the ref wanted me off the track, nobody said anything before then and it wasn't my problem the other guys were in the pits!

"It worked. I'm British Champion again and I lead the world championship.That will do nicely for now!"

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